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AdFluencer is a marketplace that connects brands with influencers to launch marketing campaigns and get real authentic content distribution through earned media.

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Why work with AdFluencer?
  • For Any Budget

    While using the AdFluencer Micro Influencer marketplace, you will be the controller of your own budget. AdFluencer helps thousands of customers - from small e-commerce shops to big brands - to craft stories with influencers, share them with audiences and build their brands.

  • Saves You Time

    AdFluencer marketplace is the one-stop shop for your marketing campaigns. Find best awesome influencers, communicate with them, negotiate service conditions and get your story spread to the engaged followers - we make it easy for brands & agencies to achieve the best results!

  • Engaged Influencers

    A study has proven that Instagram influences with less than 1K followers generated the best engagement rate 8% of the time.

How AdFluencer works?
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  • Enter Your Needs

    AdFluencer marketplace makes it easy for brands & agencies to define their criteria and select best micro influencers.

  • Select Your Favorite Influencer

    Review influencers' services with their sample content, audience geography and demographic details; negotiate and select micro influencers that you wish to work with.

  • Reach Awesome Followers

    With Micro Influencer marketing, you will reach real people who organically engage in what their friends are up to, and not just a celebrity they follow.