Tips and Tricks of Successful Photography


When you think about photography, you think about those clear, crisp photos that win awards. You imagine that the photographer in the Amazon forest had to have the best camera to those candid shots of birds feeding their hatchlings worms. Well in being a successful photographer it’s not always about the equipment. You could have the highest tech Nikon and take pathetic shots.
Of course, we are not negating the effect of using a better camera lens, but we are saying that is not all it takes. The way you shoot makes so much difference in the final outlook. Here are a few tips on how you can make your photography successful.



In the world of photography light is either your friend or your worst enemy. Good lighting can make your pictures look even better than they would. Find the right light to make your photos look even more professional.



Once you have found the perfect lighting, ensure you use it to frame your photo. Do not shoot with the source of light directly behind you. The source of light should be behind your subject. This way you can use the light to frame the photo. Avoid bright direct light.


Move in closer

You do not have to be an expert to know that sometimes you need to get closer to the subject to get the right frame. Sometimes physically moving in is better than just zooming in. Get all up in your subjects space to get the right shot. Remember to ask permission from the client before doing this.

This tip is also reliable when you are working with subjects much smaller than you such as children or infants. A photo taken from an aerial view seems distant while that taken from the level of the client makes it seem warm.


Relax your model

A relaxed client will make the photo more authentic. You can do this by lowering your camera every once in a while to talk to the client and make them feel comfortable.


Stop checking the screen

When you take photos, do not keep checking the back screen for the shots. Checking the back screen every time could mean you miss out on the special moments.


Aperture size

When you are taking a photo with long lenses, a real good aperture to use would be f/4. This separates the subject from the background making it the go to for such shots.


Shutter Speed

When you are shooting at an event with rapid movement such as a soccer game, then you will need to increase your shutter speed. It would be advisable to use a shutter speed above 1/500th of a second. You can increase the speed as needed to 1/1000th or more.
On the contrary, when you want to capture slow moments you increase the exposure time. You can make this 10 seconds to a minute depending on the subject you want to draw out.


Use props

This is probably the most obvious point. You do not need a white pony to make the shot look majestic. Use everyday items such as chairs tables fences and ladders. These regular everyday things can make the photo richer.
These tips are not only for the beginner photographer but also the seasoned photographer. A few technical tips and a few non-technical skills will result in successful photography.


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