It has been pointed out on numerous occasions that many influencer platforms are only targeting young influencers. But with so many niches covering an extensive number of audiences, can brand afford to exclude influencers based solely on their age?

Here are top three reasons why younger influencers are not always the answer.

Over one-third of 30-50-year-olds use Instagram regularly

When it comes to selling products to people between the ages of 30-50, it is important to focus on getting the angle right. Whilst it may seem simple to use an 18-year-old to sell skin products – that smooth, blemish-free skin is a great advantage – that won’t create great trust between the brand and its target demographic.

The people looking to buy creams which claim to remove wrinkles and make them look more youthful want to see the results of the product on people who feel the same way. Anti-wrinkle cream modelled by someone who has never had wrinkles just isn’t impactful.

Influencer marketing is all about lifestyle

20-year-olds don’t lead the same life as people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Influencer marketing works because followers see an opportunity to improve the lifestyle they already lead, and if a product simply shows how good life could have been, had it been invented 20 years earlier, it won’t sell.

The influencer’s target market should match the product’s. If an influencer’s following is not right for the product, it simply won’t sell. Social media users tend to follow personalities they can relate to, so if the target market is over 30, they are probably following people of a similar age.

People don’t like being left out

If a brand becomes known for only showing its products being used by younger generations, older customers will simply lose interest. A product should be shown to be used by the people being targeted, not simply the hottest face currently on the market.


What do you think about ageism in influencer marketing? Have you been passed over for a younger personality, or have you lost interest in a product because the promoter didn’t fit your interest? Let us know!