❖ How we do it
Google Toad is here with the next generation seo and bookmarking technique.
Shares done by real users, naturally, we dont use dummies or software. We encourage our visitors to publicly share, tweet, recommend our sponsors’ website, thats how we do it.

❖ Report include
Because the shares come from real sociaI media users, its not possible to tell exactly where they shared your link.
But we provide you with a social share tracker tool which will show you how many shares your link has received (in real time)

❖ What this job is good for
Search engine friendly social signals incoming from world’s most popular social media sites. Drives traffic, boost your social credibility and skyrocket SEO. Adds prestige to your posts, articles. Helps your links get indexed faster.

❖ What we need
We just need your website url and thats all. You dont even need to have sociaI media buttons installed on your site

❖ Delivery
Fast/ Drip feed- your choice