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Instagram is becoming a favourite social media platform.
At AdFluencer we know, how much work is it to grow naturally your engaged audience. So we decided to support micro-influencer to grow and will be giving weekly exclusive shoutouts to the best Instagram accounts.

Please follow these rules to be featured on AdFluencer Instagram page:

Which profiles are qualified for a shoutout:

  • micro-influencer accounts with less than 10K follower
  • real accounts with the natural engagement rate
  • no violent, rude, offensive content

What you need to do to be featured:

  • tag / hashtag #adfluencer on the image in your Instagram account
  • you can additionally drop us a DM
  • we’ll use this image in our shoutout

Please note:

  • we verify all submissions and will decline your application in the case this violates the requirements above
  • we publish only 1 shoutout per week, so you need to be patient
  • we do not promise, that your account will be featured