Connect with social media influencers on all platforms – from Instagram and Blogs to Offline Adverts.

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Ordering Micro-Influencer campaigns with AdFluencer is very easy, here is How it Works:

Step 1. Find Influencers

Browse through thousands of Micro-Influencer services on AdFluencer, then pick a few that best match your niche.


Step 2. Create Order

Order a service, provide your campaign details and fund an order amount.


Step 3. Receive Traffic

Allow up to 72 hours for influencers to publish your campaign.
Release funds as soon as your campaign is online and you are happy with the traffic from engaged followers.


Scalable Campaigns

We offer the ability to order social media campaign from multiple influencers at once. Order micro-influencers services as low as few dollars, and upwards of $10k at a time.