Before you start looking for a suitable social media influencer, you need to know what type of influencer you want to partner with first. That decision greatly depends on the type of your target audience and the type of content that they actually want to see.

However, it also depends on the way your chosen influencer actually connects with their followers and whether or not they know how to engage them in what they say or do. For instance, celebrities don’t use the same methods as micro-influencers use and, although they have a huge following, they don’t really have high engagement rates.

As a matter of fact, the survey by Collective Bias from above shows that only 3% of consumers are influenced by celebrity endorsements when making purchase decisions. Non-celebrity influencers are 10 times more likely to drive people to make a purchase.

Therefore, you should definitely choose to work with micro-influencers instead of mega-influencers, as they have the power to truly connect with their followers and make them genuinely interested in everything they say. They are the ones who can easily increase your brand exposure and help you expand your customer base and drive more sales and revenue.

Once you know what type of influencer you want to collaborate with, you can start searching through adequate social channels, and there are two ways to do it.