Those who are successful are copied. This basic rule of Silicon Valley is also valid for the Clubhouse. The audio chat app is facing competition from the big social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The new audio app Clubhouse is facing competition: Twitter is expanding the test run of its offer called Spaces. And Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed Facebook to develop a competing clubhouse product, writes the New York Times, citing anonymous sources. Facebook is known to mimic popular features of other social media services in its apps. But the project is still in the early stages, writes the newspaper.

Twitter is already on. Spaces have only tested a few thousand users so far, but they are now increasing. For the time being, however, the conversations are only available in the Twitter app on the iPhone, which can be found in the top menu bar, in which Twitter’s so-called fleets – the self-deleting tweets are linked.

Product manager Kayvon Beykpour said on Thursday night in a conversation at Spaces that he sees opportunities in supplementing the exchange of information on Twitter with conversations between users.

At Clubhouse, numerous users can take part in panel discussions. Only some of them can speak at the same time. The app has quickly gained popularity in recent months after appearances by celebrities such as Elon Musk.

Twitter is considering recording function

While Clubhouse limits the number of listeners to a talk show to 5,000, Spaces has no restrictions. Up to ten participants can speak at the same time, but there should be more over time.

Many aspects are still in work, said Beykpour. So it has not yet been decided whether there should be a recording function for later listening. Currently, the conversations are gone after the live stream ends. On the one hand, this makes users more relaxed, and on the other hand, it is usually not worthwhile to listen to conversations in full afterwards. But he could imagine that it could be a useful function to be able to record interesting fragments of the discussion rounds for later sharing.